Frequently Asked Questions about NASA Time Trial

What is the NASA Time Trial Series?
The National Auto Sport Association (NASA) began its first full season with the Time Trial Series in 2004. NASA Time Trial is a National and Regional Competition with participation from all fifteen of NASA’s regions. NASA TT utilizes a car classification system that is easy to understand, and gives HPDE drivers a taste of competition by allowing them to record their top lap times and compete against similarly prepared cars for awards, prizes, and recognition.

How much does it cost?
Registration fees for Time Trial are often the same as for the HPDE 4 Group. Car prep and safety equipment requirements are the same as Group 4. All you need is a transponder mounted on your car to record lap times. If you don’t already have one installed, a few rentals are usually available at the track from your region. After your first event, you will be required to submit your TT License application to NASA with a $20 processing fee.

How do I join?
1.Contact your Regional TT Director if you are unsure if you meet the driver eligibility requirements listed in the TT Rules. NASA TT is for advanced level road course drivers and racers only. Also, you can contact your Regional TT Director to obtain a permanent TT car number assignment prior to your first TT event.
2.Fill out the National TT License Application, and bring it to your first event.
3.Fill out and submit the vehicle Classification Form to the Regional TT Director at your first event.
4.Attach a permanent or temporary transponder to your car.
5.Attach car numbers and TT class identifiers on both sides, and the front and rear of your car.

That’s it! The TT Director will give your name, TT class, car # and transponder # to Timing & Scoring and you will be set for the weekend. Then, as you are registering for the next NASA event, just sign up for your Time Trial Class instead of HPDE Group 4.

TT Rules and Car Classification Forms are here.

What is the difference between Time Trial and HPDE 4 ?
From the standpoint of driving, there is no difference. The Time Trialers usually drive in the same group with HPDE 4 drivers and under the same set of driving rules. If you have driven in HPDE 4 in the past year, you have had TT drivers out on the track with you in many NASA regions. TT’ers are having their lap times recorded. Once you have successfully completed an HPDE 4 event, you are eligible to participate in the Time Trial program under a TT License Application, and after approved, with your National TT License.

Where can I see my lap times?
After each driving session, results are posted just outside the Timing and Scoring building. Soon after or during the event, all results are posted and saved for future viewing on this website for many of the regions and here for all.

What are the awards?
Daily winners receive medals, certificates, trophies, or plaques for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in each car class. Season winners will be awarded trophies for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place at the annual awards banquet. (Eligibility for season honors requires participants to drive in at least six days of competition, or three 2-day weekends.

Where do I get a transponder?
NASA recommends purchasing the AMB model “TranX260” or “X2” as it is compatible with NASA’s timing and scoring system as well as virtually every other racing organization you may encounter. Units cost between $300-$500. You can browse the web for the best price by checking with various racing supply distributors. Or, you can purchase a transponder directly from AMB at the link below: Many NASA regions also sell them. So, check with your TT Director for the best source.

AMB link here: Click Here

Can I rent a transponder?
Yes. You can rent a transponder from most of the regions. It is easy to install, and rechargeable transponders are available from Registration in the regions that have rentals. These units are mounted with a few tie straps and take about 5 minutes to mount. The cost is variable depending on the region, and you can rent one when you register on-line, and sometimes at the track if there are any left. It is better to sign-up for the transponder rental when you register for your TT event.

What if I have more questions?
Contact your Regional TT Director or our National TT Director here. Any of them will be happy to answer any questions you throw their way. The Regional TT Director will also be available to answer any questions you have during the events at the HPDE Group 4/ Time Trial download meetings.