Provisional TT Classifications

Here are TTB-TTF cars approved since the most recent Rules release (v13.1)( 12-3-15):

Audi S3 (’15-’16)(AWD)(turbo)—TTC** 3450 lbs. (2-23-16–new listing)
Honda Civic EX 2.0L (’16)—TTF** 2850 lbs. (5-17-16–new listing)
Honda Civic EX-T 1.5L (’16)(turbo)—TTE* 2850 lbs. (5-7-16–new listing)
Hyundai Genesis Coupe 3.8 V6 (’10-’12)—TTC* 3400 lbs. (6-15-16–new listing)
Lexus IS350 (’16)—TTC** 3590 lbs. (6-15-16–new listing)
Lexus IS350 (AWD)(’16)—TTC** 3735 lbs. (6-15-16–new listing)
Toyota Matrix 1.8L (’09-’14)—TTG* 2770 lbs. (12-2-15–new listing)
VW Rabbit 2.5L (’08-’09)—TTF 2975 lbs. (3-24-16–added ’09)

Here are the TT1/TT2/TT3 cars approved for Production status since the most recent (TT) Rules release:

Ford Focus RS (’16) (2-23-16–new listing)